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Santosha Silk Wrap Bracelet

$28.00 $25.00

Santosha Yoga Silk Wrap Bracelet



  • Santosha Silk Wrap Bracelet
  • Santosha is one of the 5 niyamas in Yoga philosophy, representing joy and peace.
  • It’s being content with what is. Accepting, surrendering, honoring and trusting that you have all that you need within.
  • Very calming blue and pink silk wrap (or choice of color from the drop down box)
  • Silver Aluminum or Gold Brass
  • Hand stamped items may vary slightly

Additional information


Silver, Gold

Silk Color

Black, Ivory, Purple, Lime, Emerald, Pink, Teal/Brown, Pink/Blue, Pink/Yellow/Purple, Yellow/Gray, Blue/Green, Pink/Orange, Gray/Green/Purple, Turquoise/Yellow/Green, Purple/Teal/Green, Gray Blend, Teal/Orange, Purple Blend, Green/Brown, Turquoise/Lime/Tan

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