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Red Carnelian Lotus Bracelet


Red Carnelian and rosewood mala bracelet.

6 in stock (can be backordered)


  • Beautiful mala bracelet. Red Carnelian healing gemstones, rosewood beads and lotus charm.
  • Red carnelian is an empowering stone. It brings courage, motivation, & leadership. It protects against bad vibes and insecurity. It gives one happiness and emotional balance. Wear to help focus the mind and calm a temper.
  • Great stone for the root chakra, the Muladhara, found at the base of the spine. This first chakra is our most physical chakra, the “root” of your being, and your connection to self and to Mother Earth, as well as your foundation for safety, security and stability.
  • These red beads have a slight orange tint, with lots of warmth.
  • 6 mm red carnelian beads
  • Small rosewood beads add even more grounding to this bracelet.
  • 7″ bracelet is strung on a clear durable stretch cord
  • Each of our gemstone bracelets are made with love and intention. Each one is saged before being shipped to you for cleansing.

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