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Lucky Rudraksha Beaded Bracelet


adjustable rudraksha, turquoise and white howlite bracelet with tassels and lucky coin



  • Adjustable rudraksha beaded bracelet with white and turquoise howlite, crystal beads, silver spacer beads, tassels and a lucky coin charm.
  • White howlite promotes calmness, tranquility, patience and tolerance. Helps to balance calcium levels.
  • Turquoise howlite is worn for communication, friendship, awareness and protection.
  • Rudrakshas are known as the eyes of Shiva. Shiva is said to have cried tears of compassion for humanity, producing these sacred seeds, to assist us in our journey towards healing and enlightenment. Blessed with peace of mind and prosperity.
  • Choice of creamy white, black, silver or gold.

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Creamy White, Black, Silver, Gold

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