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Lava Beaded Bracelet


Lava beaded bracelet with tassel and charm



  • Black Lava beads from Indonesia, representing strength and courage. Lava is a very grounding stone, giving stability in times of change and strength when needed. Great stone for the root chakra, the Muladhara, found at the base of the spine. This first chakra is our most physical chakra, the “root” of your being, and your connection to self and the Earth, as well as your foundation for safety, security and stability.
  • Choose between green, ivory, turquoise, teal and gray tassels
  • ¬†Choice of brass hamsa, peace, or feather¬†charms.
  • These bracelets are approx. 7″ stretch, and have small 4mm beads.

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Bracelet Choice

Green/Feather, Green/Peace, Green/hamsa, Ivory/Peace, Ivory/Hamsa, Turquoise/Feather, Teal/Feather, Teal/Peace, Gray/Hamsa, teal/hamsa, ruby hamsa

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