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Lava and Amazonite Mala Bracelet


Lava and Amazonite Mala Bracelet



  • Lava and Amazonite Essential Oil Mala Bracelet
  • Black Lava beads from Indonesia, representing strength and courage. Lava is a very grounding stone, giving stability in times of change and strength when needed. Great stone for the root chakra, the Muladhara, found at the base of the spine. This first chakra is our most physical chakra, the “root” of your being, and your connection to self and the Earth, as well as your foundation for safety, security and stability. These are porous beads, making them ideal for use with your favorite essential oil (not included).


  • Amazonite encourages self expression, divine truth and communication. Dispels worries, fears and anger. Balances the nervous system and calcium deficiencies. Also a lucky stone for hopes and dreams. Great stone for the throat chakra.
  • Made on a durable clear stretch cord.
  • Available in size 6.5″, 7″, 7.5″ or 8″
  • 8mm lava beads, 8 and 12 mm amazonite beads.

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Bracelet Length

6.5", 7", 7.5"

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