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Divine Love Bracelet


Rose Quartz, Amethyst Heart Bracelet

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  • Love the femininity of this beautiful rose quartz and amethyst bracelet!
  • Rose Quartz represents love in all forms. It is a very loving and calming stone. It is compassionate, nurturing and forgiving. Opens the heart chakra, or Anahata, our center for infinite divine love.
  • Amethyst increases intuitive awareness and higher consciousness. It clears and purifies and has been known to help with addiction and stress. It is a very powerful and protective stone, good for healing, cleansing and serenity. Balances the Crown chakra, Sahasrara, our connection to divine grace and consciousness.
  • This loving mala bracelet is pretty worn alone, with other Indo Love favorites, or even worn as a 3 piece set.
  • Each of my gemstone bracelets are made with love and intention. I sage each one before it is shipped to you for cleansing.
  • Sold individually.
  • 7″ stretch bracelet is lovingly made by me. Small pewter heart bead is lead free.

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