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Chakra Mala Bracelet


Chakra Mala Bracelet

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Balance the 7 main chakras. Each gemstone on the bracelet represents its own healing quality and the bracelet is finished off with a bronze lotus charm.

Deep Reddish/purple: Root Chakra-Garnet: Stability, Strength, Success in Business, Energy
Orange/red: Sacral: Carnelian: Happiness, Emotional Balance, Sexuality, relating to others friendly and openly
Yellow: Solar Plexus: Yellow Jade: Ego, Self Confidence, Digestion
Green: Heart: Aventurine: Balance, Regeneration, Prosperity, Love, Compassion
Blue: Throat: Turquoise Howlite: Communication, Friendship, Protection, Awareness
Indigo: 3rd Eye: Sodalite: Intuition, Inner Peace, Eliminates Fear & Guilt
Violet: Crown: Amethyst: Divine Consciousness, Wisdom, Clears & Purifies

Creamy white calcite beads represent cleansing, healing and revitalizing. Calcite is a good learning stone. It protects, grounds and centers us and helps to bring inner peace.

7″ chakra yoga mala stretch bracelet

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