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Buddha Onyx Bracelet


Buddha Onyx Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Buddha Bracelet with onyx and rose quartz.

Black onyx is a stone of inner strength, focused attention, and self mastery. It defends against negativity. Enhance personal power. It is a stone of perseverance, and raises one’s resistance, assisting in the completion of tasks. A grounding stone, it benefits the root chakra, the Muladhara, found at the base of the spine. This first chakra is our most physical chakra, the “root” of our being, and our connection to self and to Mother Earth, as well as our foundation for safety, security and stability.

Rose Quartz represents love in all forms. It is a very loving and calming stone. It is compassionate, nurturing and forgiving. Opens the heart chakra, or Anahata, our center for infinite divine love.

This loving mala bracelet is pretty worn alone, or paired with other favorite Indo Love pieces, such as the divine love bracelet, or any of our hand stamped cuff bracelets.

Each of our gemstone bracelets are made with love and intention. Each one is saged before being shipped to you for cleansing.
Sold individually.
7″ stretch bracelet.

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