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We did it and are officially married! Our destination wedding in Playa Langosta (Tamarindo), Costa Rica was absolutely the most blissful and memorable experience of my life to date. Our hearts are overflowing with joy and gratitude over the entire experience. Steve and I were fortunate to spend the entire week leading up to the wedding day with about 35-40 of our closest friends and family. We planned all kinds of fun events for everyone to bond over, like zip lining through the jungle, surfing in the warm Central American Pacific, yoga everyday, and eating lots of fresh fish (and the best pineapples and mangos).

Looking back, I am so happy with the decision on a destination wedding, because when you’re planning a wedding the entire year in advance, a one day event just comes and goes so fast. We were blessed with an entire week of quality time with everyone we love. We didn’t even have a wedding planner, but we hired a D.J., a photographer (Samba to the Sea), a florist, and a caterer (Season’s by Shlomy in Tamarindo – yuuuummm). The smaller details were taken care of when we got there, as everyone volunteered to help prepare for the big day. It was perfect! Now, Steve and I are very laid back people, so if you are reading this blog and need exact details taken care of and don’t like leaving a single thing to chance, maybe get a wedding planner. Guanacaste has quite a few to choose from.

Our wedding day was simply magical and exceeded our expectations. We chose the beach in front of the Cala Luna Hotel in Langosta, and got married with our toes in the sand and a beautiful Costa Rican sunset as our backdrop. (There was even a 95% chance of rain that day which never came). It was, all in all, my version of PERFECT BLISS. My bridesmaids and I wore customized Indo Love jewelry. I made each of them personalized bar necklaces, pura vida rings, and ivory silk wrap bracelets with “Soul Sister” hand stamped. I wore what I truly believe to be the perfect beach wedding dress. You know when they say that you’ll know it when you see the right one? Well after a long search for months, of so many heavy, non-Keeley dresses, I found “the one”. A lovely handmade piece from Grace Loves Lace out of Australia. I don’t know how they did it, but they managed to make a dress that I’ve dreamed of my entire life. It was just so beautiful and lightweight.


This was the best day of our lives! If you or someone you know is interested in a destination beach wedding, I highly suggest the Guanacaste Peninsula in Costa Rica. We flew direct into the Liberia airport from Los Angeles, which is so convenient, and also cheap!! Tamarindo is an hour shuttle from the airport. We stayed in the most beautiful villa on the beach, called Casa Cristal with our family. It was an experience we will all cherish for the rest of our lives. Pura Vida!


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I also wore a pura vida wrap bracelet and my “something blue” shark tooth bracelet.


Photo Credit: the lovely Kristen of Samba to the Sea Photography in Tamarindo

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