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Live by the sun thick copper cuff 103TC Many people ask me about copper, the benefits of wearing copper jewelry, how to clean and store their jewelry, and why some people have reactions to wearing it, causing their skin to turn green. We sell lots of copper bracelets on the Indo Love site, and I thought I would answer a few of these questions based on my experiences with it over the years.

First, a little about copper itself. Copper is a trace mineral, important for a wide variety of health reasons. It’s been used for thousands of years around the world for a multitude of things, including sterilization for drinking water and wounds in ancient Egypt, and as an immunity booster durning the┬ácholera outbreaks in the 19th century.

Today, we are aware of the importance of this trace mineral for things such as:

  • joint pain and stiffness due to arthritis
  • proper and healthy growth of the body and organs
  • assists in energy production
  • assists in wound healing
  • boosts the immune system
  • formulation of collagen
  • helps absorb iron, which oxygenizes blood and helps prevent anemia
  • assists in opening the flow of blocked energy (chi) in the body

Reactions of copper

Copper reacts and oxidizes when it comes into contact with air, sweat, chemicals, acidity, etc. Everyone is different, and while one copper bracelet may have no reaction to one person’s skin, it may cause another’s to turn green. This usually means that person has more acidity in their body, due to things like diet, where their pH balances are off, or stress. When your body is in a state of homeostasis, there is no effect on your skin. Based on my own experiences, for the most part, I have no reaction at all, but every once in a while I will show a faint green mark on my wrist or finger. Usually following an alkalizing diet helps me with this.

Tips for cleaning and storing copper jewelry

Always remove your copper jewelry before bathing, swimming, putting on lotions/perfumes, washing dishes, etc. Keep your jewelry in cool, dry places. A sealed ziplock bag works wonders for slowing the process of tarnishing on your piece. Copper overtime will tarnish, many people welcome the antique look, while others prefer their copper bright and shiny. To bring back the brightness of your piece, there are different ways you can clean it.

You can use a polishing cloth, rub with vinegar and salt or my favorite, put it in a bowl with water and fresh lemon juice and let it sit for 5-20 minutes. It will come out beautifully clean and shiny.

I hope this touches on some of the basic questions about copper. Feel free to contact us at Indo Love for more detailed questions or feedback! Have a great weekend!


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